The Computer Society Student Branch Chapter was formed in IEEE Student Branch College Of Engineering Karunagappally on the year 2016 under the supervision of the chapter advisor Mrs. Sabeena K. Since inception, IEEE CS SBC CEK conducted many events which created notable reputation among the CS Student Branches in Kerala. The Student Branch Chapter always interacts, motivates with the fellow members and help them to achieve various technical skills and has a steady membership growth. The IEEE CS SBC CEK always showcased the importance of advancing technologies, continuous learning opportunities and its benefits to each students of the Student Branch via organising technical events, hackathons, competitions, technology related sections by experts and many more.

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About College of Engineering Karunagappally

The Government College of Engineering Karunagappally (CEK) is a public institute of engineering and technology in Karunagappally, in the north-west of Kollam district, Kerala, India. Established in 1999 by the Government of Kerala, it is the second engineering college in Kollam district and the fourth engineering college under the aegis of the state government’s Institute of Human Resources Development in Electronics.


IEEE Student Branch College of Engineering Karunagappally (STB 03951) is one of the oldest IEEE student branches in Kerala section, 4th branch in Travancore hub. And It is the second IEEE Student Branch in Kollam (Quilon) district. The group came into function on May 2001, in the early history of the institution. Student members of CEK take active participation in the IEEE meetings and workshops, earning many prizes and awards. In 2010 the group started a WIE (Women in Engineering) affinity group now has 4 technical societies.

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